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Family Business Survey

Family business – the balance for success
Colliding generational perspective and reinvigorating successful family businesses


The latest survey looked at how family businesses are faring in areas from communication to conflict, finances to the future.

Insights from the inside

Lift the lid on how these vital enterprises are striking the balance between the well being of the business and the family.

The ninth Family Business Survey from Family Business Australia (FBA) and KPMG Enterprise, in collaboration with the University of Adelaide’s Family Business Education and Research Group (FBERG) presents viewpoints from two generations, both the current business leader and the next generation (NXG) of the same family business.

Family businesses have colliding perspectives on how they are placed when it comes to many aspects of their well being – with the incumbent generation often a lot more optimistic than the next generation waiting in the wings.

The 2018 report and accompanying video interviews dive into areas such as future growth and performance, communication and conflict, transition strategies, confidence and commitment, and governance for the future, to see what family business members really think, and what needs to be done to ensure they are sustainable well into the future.

Son, Bohdan Dowsing and mother, Jacinta Dowsing - The Dowsing Group


Family Business Diagnostic Tool

This resource enables you to identify areas of your family business that require attention and develop strategies and actions plans to move forward.

The Diagnostic Tool was developed by the Family Business Resource Centre

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