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Family Business Excellence Awards

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Celebrate Your Success

Building a successful family business is a remarkable achievement of which you should be justifiably proud. 

Family Business New Zealand supports family businesses of all sizes across all industries. Building on our Hall of Fame we have now evolved our local awards programme into the Family Business Excellence Awards, which acknowledges family businesses in small, medium and large categories across New Zealand.

Recognising the achievements of families that are managing respected and successful family businesses, the Family Business Excellence Awards pays homage to the significant contribution they make to the New Zealand & Australian community, society and economy. 

The New Zealand award winners were presented at the Family Business Insights Conference in June 2022. Award winners in each category from each region around Australia and including New Zealand will be in the running for the overall Family Business Excellence Award to be presented at the biggest family business conference in Asia Pacific - The Family Business Conference later in 2022. 

2022 Large Family Business 

Barfoot & Thompson 

Clearly this is a fantastic business that has spanned multiple generations of family ownership. 
Their comment about investment of profits back into the family is a hallmark of many successful family led businesses that take a long term view. 

They show strong family leadership is apparent, on a day to day basis. The family is in the business and this seems to be a powerful factor in its success. The long term view taken is apparent and that is a feature of successful family led businesses. 
This is clearly a business that has and continues to learn from the ups and downs of market cycles and to use that experience when developing strategy or responding to new crises. 


2022 Medium Family Business 

PARKS Towing

This recipient showed a great deal of potential to be a long standing successful multi-generational family business which has a strong brand in the service industry they operate in. They seem to have right sized the family dynamic where all family members have an understanding of what the business is achieving through the family.

A good background summary of using business advisers to fine tune family business decisions around opportunity and risk. Connecting with Customers to make integration of their systems to reduce complexity and add value in the relationship. Managing work loads based on demand to keep the teams trained and agile is a good move. Creating strong family relationships with customers at the executive level is a key success move as the risk of losing a connection due to a team member leaving and thinking of how to transition with a conservative view on risk by taking the time to get it right with future generations being able to take on the thinking is a key strength. 


2022 Small Family Business 

MEAN Productions Ltd

This nomination has provided a well balanced entry that encompasses the business’s structural; social and human capital 'assets'. These strengths all add 'value' to the business. 
They’ve successfully executed a strategy of transparently communicating with their clients which has built further trust, credibility and no doubt loyalty. This is a well respected approach and it's great evidence of managing risk and ties nicely back into the value of supporting the community.  

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