Did you know that New Zealand family businesses are growing faster than their counterparts overseas, with 42% reporting they grew a lot in the last 12 months.* 

Ever wondered what it is that sets family businesses apart?

At Family Business New Zealand (FBNZ) we are a not-for-profit, membership association focused on helping family businesses succeed.

We do this by assisting family businesses harness their unique competitive advantage. Leveraging ‘family business’ as an asset is what truly sets our members apart from their competition and FBNZ has been successfully helping family business along that path! Isn’t it time you got on board?

Here are some reasons why:
  • By definition, family businesses are New Zealand owned

  • Family businesses comprise some 75 per cent of all our businesses 

  • Well over half of the employment in the country is in family businesses 

Just like our family business members, FBNZ is, smart, family-focused and adventurous. We tailor solutions to family business members through facilitating and engaging resources and channels that promote success and foster sustainability. Our programs and products are developed to build stronger families and healthier businesses.

There's a certain understanding and trust that comes when working with a family business. When family works together and share their wins and achievements, it’s not just a job, but they have the future of their family invested. This is often reflected in their business practices and how they relate to their clients and customers, which benefits from that investment and trust.

Membership with FBNZ ensures you are immersed in the family business community. We work in the space where family, business, and ownership all intersect. Our education programs and special events are designed to generate opportunities for families in business to learn and grow, by networking and sharing with their peers. We provide access to specialist family, business, and technical services.

*PWC Family Business Survey 2016


Greg Griffith


Iain Blakeley


Nicole Oswell
Country Manager