Family business succession is not one thing but many. It is not a single event that occurs when a leader retires and passes the baton to a new leader, but a process that is driven by a developmental clock. The process is not always rational and planned.

Every family business needs to start planning for their future leadership. Whatever your planning horizon is to transitioning your business, now is the time to start having the conversation.

Succession is one of the greatest challenges associated with running a family business. Planning well maximises the chance of continuing the legacy you have built. If not, the results can have negative long lasting impacts on both the operations of the business and the dynamic of the family.

FBA’s Planning Succession for Family Business course will provide you with hands on tools necessary to begin establishing a succession plan. Supported by the use of a case study, you will learn the different options for both leadership and ownership transitions. This is an opportunity for current business leaders, future leaders and managers as well as any other parties involved in the transition process to get a head start.

Online Session Dates

Tuesday 16th March 2021
Tuesday 23rd March 2021
Tuesday 30th March 2021

Group Coaching Session 

Tuesday 13th April 2021

Online Workshop


This online course is delivered across three weekly sessions, followed by a group coaching session. All sessions will be held via zoom.

Between sessions you will be provided with activities to help you work through the content and apply it back in your family business to help you gain the most from the course. You can then bring your questions and challenges to the next session to help resolve them.

Registration fees




FBNZ Member

$1,095.00 (incl GST)

2-3 people$995.00 (incl GST)

4+ people$895.00 (incl GST)

Non Member

$1,995.00 (incl GST)

Course outline

  • Addressing the two business exit models: sale or succession

  • Feasibility, desirability and acceptability of family business succession

  • The ground rules for the succession process

  • The opportunities and issues presented by ownership succession

  • Designing and implementing the leadership transition process and the obstacles to succession planning

  • Nurturing and developing potential successors


Key learning

  • Understand the fundamental ground rules for leadership succession

  • Determine the key challenges of succession and how to manage these successfully

  • Identify the personal attributes and characteristics that can assist in identifying successors


Who should attend

  • Current and future leaders and managers of the family business

  • Non-family executives and other key stakeholders in the transition process

John Broons


John Broons has over 40 years’ experience working in, and with, family owned businesses focusing on the family. John is an Accredited Family Business Advisor with Family Business Australia and is a Fellow of the Boston based Family Firm Institute. Over the last 10 years John has facilitated two monthly Forum Groups for Family Business Australia. John has presented internationally, at the FFI Global Conference, and locally, including FBA education programs and CPA Conference. John is also a multi-award-winning TEC Chairman who coaches and mentors CEO’s.
John focuses on adding value to business owners, CEO’s, their families & their businesses.