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Six generations of sparkle - A 200 year old jewellery dynasty

Few businesses in New Zealand can claim to have as prestigious a history as Partridge Jewellers. Family-operated since the 1800s, with the sixth generation now working in the business, it is a veritable dynasty —a fact that isn’t lost on its current leader, Grant Partridge.

The business has a unique story spanning two countries and covers six generations. There is a common theme of family unity, the passing of knowledge and values from one generation to the next, and the highest commitment to craft, quality and service.

Diamonds, precious gems, pearls, gold and platinum are their specialities. They design and manufacture much of the jewellery we sell, including a bespoke service for one-off pieces. They import a unique selection of pieces from leading international jewellery houses. This offers our customers jewellery in line with the very latest international trends.

Determined to further the Partridge reputation for luxury, Grant Partridge, Managing Director, Partridge Jewellers started in the business at the age of 16. He has opened stores in Queen St and Newmarket, Auckland as well as Queenstown and Christchurch. Under Partridge’s leadership, the business has grown in size and significance thanks to its exclusive relationship with some of the world’s most coveted luxury brands.

Grant is a 5th Generation Family Member and has three children who also work in and around the business. Partridge has brought a unique vision to its operations, working tirelessly to establish the Partridge name as inexorably entwined with the highest-quality jewels and jewellery designs in New Zealand.

“I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to take over what I see as such a legacy for my family.”

“The main drive of my place in the business is focused on setting it up for the generations to come so that they can be given the opportunity to have the same fulfilling and passion-filled career like I have had.”

Make sure you join us at The Family Insights Business Conference on the 21st June 2022 to hear from Grant Partridge he discusses how the Partridge family values and principals are at the forefront of his business decision making, the management of family and business dynamics, business growth and sustainability plans and succession plans in place for the future generations.

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