In conversation with FBNZ Members Ama Training Group

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

FBNZ Family Business Members, Ama Training Group is a provider of tailored-made construction, infrastructure, leadership, literacy, numeracy, health and safety training. We spoke to husband and wife duo Mike and Eileen Murray about their second-generation family business and their goals for the next 10 years.

What makes your family business unique?

As well as owning Ama Training Group we also own a SME in the construction industry providing insulation solutions. This gives us an insight into the pressures of owning a business and so our aim is to make the training process as relevant and as simple as possible (without taking away from quality). We will work with you to understand the issues and requirements, we will come to sites to provide training support and we will be there at the 5.00 am shift change if that is what is required.

We are especially focused on supporting Māori and Pasifika employees. As a Māori-owned training company with a background in teaching in total immersion environments, we have developed skills to design training packages that utilise traditional knowledge, and ways of teaching and learning to support the teaching and understanding of skills required by today’s workforce

Although a very new family business (NZQA accredited in Nov 2020), teaching, training and supporting people to grow has been and continues to be our passion. With our teaching backgrounds (45 years combined experience), trainers we have on staff and the networks we have developed, we know we can design and deliver training that will make a difference for all involved.

What is a major influence for your family business?

Creating long term sustainable value for ourselves and those we work with.

What’s your family business goals for the next 10 years?

To become the industry training partner of choice and to move into the digital tech training space within the next 2 years.

How has COVID-19 affected your business (and industry) and what strategies have you put in place for business continuity?

For education as a whole, COVID-19 has been and continues to be challenging in that we have had to move to online teaching platforms. While handy, this style of teaching and learning does not suit all learners.

The time in Lockdown however did give us a chance to complete NZQA requirements for more qualifications. For our insulation business, COVID-19 was challenging during Level 4, however, we are lucky in that we can get back to work in Level 3.

Tell us about some of the new key initiatives your organisation has in place at the moment? How can business owners and their employees access your free Level 2 National Certificate in Works Infrastructure?

The following qualification, 18th October 2021 with the next start date scheduled for Feb 2022.

WHAT? Level 2 NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Fees free).

WHO? – those already employed but new to infrastructure or who have been in the industry but currently hold no qualification.

HOW? One full day, once a fortnight with Ama Training for theory

In-work with a supervisor verifying competence in a number of set tasks.

WHERE? Fortnightly meetings in Henderson or a marae in South Auckland (depending on which is more convenient for attendees) for the first intake.

If there is enough interest we will also be rolling this offering out in Wellington and Kaitaia.

Ama Training will provide all necessary verification templates and evidence-gathering support.

WHEN? 1st intake – 25th October 2021

2nd intake – Feb 2022

INTERESTED? Give us a call on 021 846462 or e-mail us at

The following qualifications will also be available by Feb 2022.

NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Level 3)

NZ Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3)

NZ Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4)

Health and Safety Training

Gantry crane operation

Industrial Rope Access (Height Access)

Harness Training

Occupational Health and Safety practice

EWP operation

Basic scaffolding

Permit issuer, Permit receiver

Confined Spaces training

As well as all of the above, one of the most important aspects of our provision is the ability to support with Literacy and Numeracy requirements a business may identify. We develop work relevant literacy and numeracy programs to help employees further understand their roles and enable them to complete work tasks with more clarity and to a higher degree of competence.

For a lot of this training, there is funding support so we will also look for avenues to support your business in funding this training.

What’s the key benefit/advantage of your FBNZ membership?

The networking has been amazing and the people we have met are genuine, hard-workers who are happy to share their journey and experience. Being fairly new to the business, the support and knowledge we have gained has been invaluable. We would never have learnt this type of information from a university degree or in a classroom. Everyone is willing to share their experiences and knowledge, and all have been an inspiration.