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Family Business Profile: Sleep Space

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Col and Deb Dougherty, Sleep Space

The Dougherty's have been in the bed business for forty years. Because of this, they share a lot of knowledge and are experts when it comes to sleep. Sleep Space came about when they realised their passion, and that is to help people get a perfect nights sleep every night. So, they created a premium sleep store to offer high-quality and affordable sleep solutions to suit everyone. ​

The Sleep Space are suppliers of quality and sleep surface products including mattresses and upholstered bases and headboards.

How many generations are currently in your family business?

Just the first generation but all of our adults kids are well accustomed to helping out.

What makes your family business unique?

We have unique products from around the world and most importantly we represent some wonderful New Zealand family businesses. We offer genuine advice. We have over forty years each of experience in every aspect of this industry.

What is a major influence for your family business?

Our values guide us through every phase of our business.

What’s your family business goals for the next 10 years?

To grow to four successful locations within 3 hours drive from our current one at Sylvia Park.

How has COVID-19 affected your business (and industry) and what strategies have you put in place for business continuity?

COVID has had an unexpected effect on our business in a number of ways.

We have gained a respect for the way our landlord negotiated a way to assist us with rent relief.

We have had an influx of customers who have found a new understanding of the importance of sleep and who have reallocated their discretionary dollars to a good quality sleep products.

What’s the key benefit/advantage of your FBNZ membership?

We are new to the association and we look forward to fellowship from likeminded entrepreneurial people.

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