Forum Group For Women

Empowering Women in Family Businesses across Australia and New Zealand

Are you a woman in a family business? Do you want to feel empowered and learn from other leading women? Then this Forum Group is for you.

Recognising the vital role women have in family businesses, Family Business Australia and New Zealand have launched a unique Forum Group program to support, guide and create networking opportunities exclusively for women.

Facilitated by an FBA Accredited Family Business Advisor, the Forum Group is a collaborative space for women to learn and share experiences.

With a strong focus on family dynamics, all women in family businesses across multiple generations are encouraged to join and take part in the Forum Group.

What will the Forum Group cover?

  • Strengthening the family leadership

  • Relativity

  • Family Focused thinking

  • Supporting women in leadership

  • Family side of business not business side of family

  • Family issues

  • Supporting women to lead families in business

  • Human behaviour, collaborative systems

  • Interpersonal development

  • Focus in family communication

  • Multi-generational women in leadership roles

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Meet the Facilitator

“Being part of the Women in Family Business Forum Groups will help our female leaders – in business and in the family – to talk about the complex issues they face, whether it is better understanding their own stories or managing family dynamics for the
benefit of the family and business.”
Susanne Bransgrove, Facilitator


Your Commitment

The financial cost to you is $3625 (inclusive of GST). Forum meetings are conducted monthly from July 2021 - June 2022 (10 x meetings with the exception of December and January). Meetings are conducted online via Zoom and I am expected to attend at least 8 out of 10 meetings.