The only professionally facilitated, executive discussion group in New Zealand that deals with unique complexities created by the overlay of family, business and ownership.

On the back of 22 years of success in Australia, Family Business New Zealand is proud to launch the Forum Group Program, which will provide a confidential space for family business leaders, executives and CEOs to raise tough issues, workshop concerns and celebrate successes. Members who have had similar experiences are encouraged to offer their insights while being guided by an experienced group facilitator.

Members who have participated in forum groups have consistently shared positive outcomes and experiences from their involvement. In fact, 99% of forum participants surveyed said they’d recommend a friend to join.

“Three of my sons are members of forum groups and I’ve watched them all grow from it. They have access to what is essentially their own private board of directors.
Everyone is bound by
and they are there
to help you be a better person”.
Andy Kennard, Kennards Hire

Forum Benefits: Why should you join a forum group?

  • Gain perspective outside the family dynamics

  • Talk freely, without judgement

  • Surround yourself with like-minded family business leaders

  • Discuss strategic planning, governance, human resources, marketing strategies, family business succession, conflict resolution, family business dynamics, and more.

Your commitment

The inaugural program will for 15 months (April 2021 -June 2022 ) with 13 facilitated sessions. The financial cost to you is $2995 + GST. This cost includes 3 meetings for free.

How to join:

To get started, contact us using the button below or call us for a confidential discussion on +64 212 445 445

“My brother and I are in forum groups, which have been invaluable in having a space to speak freely and workshop issues with like-minded leaders”.