Family Business Survey 

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When your family are also your business partners, you have to think about the future in a different way.

Has COVID-19 changed the way you think about succession planning? Brought it forward? Pushed in back? Are your leaders prepared for a COVID-normal economy? The contribution of family businesses to the Australian and New Zealand economies is significant. They account for 70% of all businesses and employ 50% of the workforce. But what is keeping this sector up at night?

The report will focus on five key themes:
  • Preparedness for Succession

  • Resilience

  • Family Values

  • Governance

  • Business Strategy


We look forward to sharing the full survey results when we launch our report in September to coincide with National Family Business Day.

What the results are telling us so far:
  • Increasing costs of doing business is the number 1 concern for family business leaders.

  • Family business leaders are least concerned about cyber security.

  • A significant 76% of family business leaders are forecasting a revenue increase over the next 12 months.

  • Personal challenge and control is the highest value for family businesses.

  • Of the business leaders that have identified the next successor for their family firm – only 23% of the identified successors are female.