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Family Business Profile: Thermosash 

David Hayes.jpg

David Hayes

Thermosash Commercial Ltd

Thermosash is a commercial construction company. We are designers and building contracts of specific architectural cladding solutions.



What generation is your family business?

Our family business is second generation until the boys take it over.  I think Iain (Family Business Advisor) would say it’s third. 

What is your role in the family business?


CEO, Facade Engineering CPENG for the last 27 years. Director for 30 years.

What is a major influence for you in the family business?


Mentoring and helping people grow their capability and ability which increases the company’s average capability and ability. 

What gets you up in the morning (influence/motivation)?


Constant innovation and improvement which drives labour productivity and process improvement. 


What's the key benefit of your FBNZ membership?

Meeting other family businesses and receiving mentoring and support with inter generational business transfer to the next generation



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